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  • % of attendees that rated the SoCal Sessions 2019 as ‘Excellent’ 70% 70%
  • % of attendees that rated the Second City Works as having the most impact 75% 75%

2nd Place 'Most Impact'

Biz Dev Presentation
w/Gary and Drew

3rd Place (Tie)

Hearing from CEO &
Hotel Presentations Tied for
‘Second Most Impact’

Put the Second City Workshop to Work at Your Hotel

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In Your Own Words . . .

Comments from post-event survey:

The workshop got everyone up and kept the event energized.

Yes – And

Team involvement and learning in fun manner.

The team building exercises

Very inter actived

I liked the interaction instead of listening to presentations all day long.

The improv could’ve been shrunk down a bit….Was long.

It also required people to participate

the ideas on how to say things to be positive or push for more… thank you and ….

pushed me out of my comfort zone

Communication skills and eliminating self/external judgment.

Be brave. Don’t hold back any ideas no matter how big or small I think they are.

The whole event. It was great to have such a great team building on ways to improve our leadership skills.

Listening, adding and building on ideas versus finding reasons why it will not work.

Will take some of the ideas such as listening, openness to change, collaboration, and communication to improve way of thinking in professional and personal settings.

Yes, and..,

Thought the morning session had the most impact.

Loved how we got to interact with people who we would normally interact with or not know. This really broke the ice for everyone and got them comfortable for the meeting.

The morning session was good – the afternoon was not so great

The first 2 hours were very good – the 2nd 1 1/2 hours were a little too much

Will use Yes, AND daily

enjoyed the fun and connections while learning about communication and human nature

Active listening

Not judging myself so hard, not judging others

Be brave

Be present

First Session. But it is a little long. Maybe one session is enough.

I enjoyed the “Yes, and..” exercise. I’ll be able to apply what I learned from the exercise by keeping an open mind to all ideas and being comfortable to share my own ideas.

It was interactive and motivating. It allowed me to reevaluate my leadership style and workflow and I plan on instantly bringing bricks instead of the cathedral.

That was totally awesome!! Whoever picked that deserves a raise. It was great how everyone, including David!, was involved as one unit, all experiencing it together.

The entire program was a learning opportunity to step back from the usual way of interacting with colleagues, friends, acquaintances as well as meeting new people too.

The first half of the section was great and useful.

I loved being actively involved and getting to know everyone on our 24/7 team. Including Gary, Drew and David.

Entertaining but useful. I liked how it involved large group learning and small group interaction and I liked seeing the CEO involved.

I like the fact that it had everyone engaged and listening

I thought the last day at Dana Point was the most beneficial to me. but it was all great information and interacting with other hotels and departments.

Interactive event and having to do the activities with new people.

thought the morning session was most interesting.

Interactive- challenges many to break out of their norm.

Lessons learned for work and home.

The workshop got everyone up and kept the event energized.

Getting to know the teams better

Liked the ops presentation

first year with 247 and felt aprt of the company

good to hear what the company is doing to grow, which will impact our growth potential

Better understanding growth potential.

Great to see about the new opportunities we have going on and the future growth for the company

Hearing about the future growth

Gets you excited on the company’s future

Insightful to hear from this different and important part of the company that is discussed very often.

I ejoyed hearing how 247 Hotels srtared as a company.

It was great to connect with colleagues in person. We all chat via e-mail, phone, and Yammer. It’s nice to see everyone.

He is a good speaker

Good motivation and keeping everyone in the know.

Learning about the future of the company

The flow of the presentations were seamless and I liked the personal touch each one had.

They were much shorter and to the point this year, and it was great to get a quick overview on each property

Its good to see other GM’s talk about their ideas success’s and challenges

TPSCH presentation was interesting.

I liked getting to know the other GM’s

They were shorter and more interesting this year. It was a good overview of all our hotels and we got to know who was associated with what hotel. Keep it short every year!

It gave me ideas to bring back to create a more positive atmosphere

I enjoyed being able to interact with all the other individuals and allowed an opportunity to break the ice even more.

Being new to the company, it was a great opportunity to meet the exectutive team and to hear about the culture that 24/7 believes in.

Corporate Dept. Presentations allowed for us all to gain some insight on who everyone is in the Corporate Office, what they do as well as who they are as a person outside of work. Second City IMPROV Workshop pushed a lot of us out of our comfort zone and truly brought some great perspectives to the table that apply to both life outside as well as inside the workplace.

Good ‘teaching points’. Should be maintained from Corp as reminders. The following day there was an opportunity for reinforcement that was missed. An excellent suggestion was made by a RockStar and answered with a ‘No, But’. Should have been a “Yes, And”. The session will have been just entertainment if the ‘lessons’ from it are not brought to the field. Some should become part of the chalkwall. How to move this session from ‘entertainment’ to ‘enduring value’?

Biz Dev is always my favorite because it gets us rallying around growth, plus it’s our only touchpoint with Gary and Drew who are otherwise hidden.

Lety & Joe

no least fav

it should be more of a retreat then presenting.

It was a lot about personal and I would have liked to hear more about trends and where each panel member sees the company going etc.

They all had the same presentation template. It would of been nice to see a variety

Questions that were asked.

Weren’t many questions from the audience. Would be interesting to change the format to be more personal…maybe like “speed dating” with the VPs in smaller groups. May make people more comfortable to ask questions.

The clicker messed up so many times.

Enjoyed hearing the personal side but the ADR/OCC slide became too routine over the course of presentations.
it was long winded

I found value in everything

They drag

Each presentation was not long, but covering all the hotels took a lot of time.

I had to pick one and it seems like this session was less important to me

I enjoyed all experiences. I couldn’t determine a “least” favorite.

I think some went on a little too long. I think they should be more condensed like the GM presentations.

its a bit awkward feeling, even though some great questions were asked,i think having questions asked during each departments presentation would suffice.

It didn’t totally pretain to me.

The only interesting parts could be shared from David. This was too much detail, but okay, just not my favorite.

A lot of information being repeated from department presentations. Would suggest allowing questions to be submitted by attendees prior to the event.

I just felt that the overall questions were to vague

This session was fun as well, getting to know the different properties as well as their teams and learning about some of their sucesses. I simply felt this was at the bottom of my list in comparison to the other sessions.

Was OK, but better use of time would have been for dept training day – that was very rushed – and with out JobAids.

The way it’s been set up the last 2 years, the VP panel feels self-serving. Yet it could be so much better – again, it’s one of our only touchpoints with execs – perhaps it’s better off in a workshop format (same panel, smaller working groups).

time would have been better spent on much needed training

I enjoyed these, but if I had to choose…