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Thanks to all of you, our annual event was a big success! We all CAME TOGETHER in the Irvine studio to riff, tune our management instruments, riff a bit more, listen to other epic tracks while taking some time to chill and produced a new album: the Socal Sessions.

Now it’s up to ALL of us to bring the music back to our teams and continue carrying out our Mission.

So, starting with yourself, how are you integrating the Second City Works workshop into your daily management practice? How are you forming new listening habits with managers, associates and guests? Are you remaining mindful of the words and energy in your communication? Be bold, be brave, be delightfully surprised at the results.

We’ll progressively add material here and are counting on YOU to contribute stories and best practices along the way. Check back in here for more information – or look out for links on Yammer.

Modules for Finetuning the SoCal Sessions

Go forth. Be brave. Inspire the Workplace.



Listen to someone differently today. Whether in a meeting, a call or a casual transaction, remove distractions and be “in the moment” with whatever you are doing.



Create a “Yes, And” time at the beginning or end of your next meeting. Even for a few moments, the exchange of ideas freely and without judgment can lead to great discovery. Choose a topic or issue and don’t say no!.



Create a platform that highlights employees and allows them to connect. Communication becomes easier, more open, and more transparent when co-workers know each other better as individuals.

The Power of Yes, and…

The Power of Yes, and…

This tool will help you to acknowledge and value ideas for all sources.  Plan to complete this exercise in trios at the beginning of your next staff meeting.  Prior to the meeting select a few topics for your trios to use and then as you start the meeting set a few...


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