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How Do We ‘LIVE’ the 247 Values and Guiding Principles at Work?

You may have received a supply of these cards – or your RDO will be delivering them personally over the course of the next couple of weeks. While we crafted the list of values and guiding principles as the leadership team, we are ALL learning ways that these are realized through action.

This program enables us to LEARN how to LIVE our values and guiding principles (V/GP) and experience the benefits of these values in our work experience. It’s an opportunity for you to #TakeOwnership of our V/GP as a leader in the company, too.

In other words, it ensures we’re not just a company that posts a list of V/GP on the wall.

Here’s how the Round of Applause program works:

The goal of these cards is to provide you with a way of both recognizing and teaching our V/GP at work by filling out a card and presenting it to an associate – preferably in front of the rest of the hotel at standup or at a team event.

The actions of the associates should be relatable to one or more of the items on the backside, with a detailed explanation of what they did to earn the Round of Applause’. 

The teachable moment and quality of the action earning recognition is critical to the success of this program. You may only hand out a handful of these a month as we learn ways that our V/GP can be demonstrated. In addition, the more meaningful and relatable the action, the more inspiring and motivating this will be to your associates find their own way of living them.

START by having a discussion at your next department management meeting and brainstorm potential examples that come to mind so you can all be on the lookout for relatable actions. Some values on our list are easier to identify than others – but the goal is not to ensure ALL items are recognized at some point or another; it’s more important to just start recognizing/teaching good examples, as the benefits will follow.

If you have questions about the program, feel free to reach out to John or your RDO – or post your question in the comments below and we can answer for everyone. 

We also encourage you to post any examples of the first cards handed out, so all hotels can learn and #celebratesuccess of our Values and Guiding Principles at work.